Gerds Reisen auf allen sieben Meeren





Hello folks,

from Monday September 12th, 2022 I will be on the road again with PhoenixReisen for almost 6 weeks, this time on the Ms Amera

I will fill my weblog with photos etc. again during this time

You can take a look there

take care of yourselves – G E R D





Hello folks,

the travel nerves has ‘caught’ me again because I will sail once more with the Phoenix shipping company from Bonn in Germany

unfortunately, the grand world voyage 2021/2022 has been canceled, so I’m going on the MS Artania for 20 days „on a long trip to the Canary Islands“ in October

and over Christmas and New Year’s Eve for 19 days on the MS Amadea, immediately afterwards to take part in the „great Caribbean voyage“ for 44 days.´


i had taken a break from writing in the WebLog for a few years, but from October onwards you will be able to ‘travel’ again with me

some things have already been updated, but the travel-related pages will understandably not be added until October 23, 2021


I hope you enjoy browsing and reading my blog

the globetrotter G E R D



Dear friends,

Its time finally to start the great trip, because tomorrow, after 781 days since booking, I will board the cruise ship Ms Artania for indeed a special cruise.

140 days grand world voyage  –  from / to Genoa  –  22.12.2015 until 10.5.2016

I will try to ‘fill-up’ this weblog daily with text and pictures and hope that all of you will like my impressions about my adventure.

But the Internet use on a ocean going ship (my upload of blog data’s) can only be done via a „vessel to satellite, to land“ connection. And this is unfortunately a time-consuming and meanwhile a quite expensive task. That’s why I will only write my installments in one language – in German.

I apologize, but hey I’m on an exciting holiday trip….

If you select from the blue vertical bar „Gästebuch“ then you could even send me your comments about my blog.

But before sending your messages, you have to copy the today unfortunately needed  – Anti-Spam Captcha Code.


Please have fun while reading my weblog

Globetrotter   G E R D